BMS-Centre Switzerland

BMS-Centre Switzerland has created a meaningful synergy between your Body, Mind and Soul with an all-encompassing wellbeing program for your personal and individual health. 

To achieve a long-lasting recovery and improvement in your longer-term and daily life, we need to consider and treat the Body, Mind & Soul at the same time. These elements of well-being and health are much more intricately connected than we often care to admit.

Our attention is simultaneously focused on all three levels of your being.
The various approaches from kinesiology and prana healing, the practical techniques of mental work and the value of the different psychology aspects and methods ensure a fast recovery and a good well-being.  

Visit us, and enjoy the experience of our unique, gentle and safe treatments ether in Kinesiology, Brain-Gym, NLP, Prana Healing, Chakra-Balance, Nutritional advice or Psychology counselling.

Our Mission

With empathy and respectful knowledge, we carefully, playfully and naturally go on an internal and external voyage of discovery. Revealing what is within with humility and acceptance. Everyone moves at their own pace and rhythm.

Our Vision

BMS-Centre has made it its goal to always include the three energy systems (Body, Mind, Soul) equally in the healing process. Thanks to this approach, we are able to identify blockages (both physical and mental) and dissolve them quickly.

Our Values

We treat our patients and clients holistically. Holistic medicine considers the whole person – as Body, Mind & Soul – in the quest for optimal health and wellness, because these aspects affect your overall health. The Holistic care providers address a wide variety of wellness concerns, and we use a huge rage of clinically proven therapies and alternative medicine techniques.