Kinesiology is both powerful & empowering, and it brings real and lasting results!

Kinesiology is both powerful & empowering, and it brings real and lasting results!

In Kinesiology we use muscle-testing, a way for your body to talk and it’s a well known fact that Body Language is the only language that cannot lie. Your muscles respond to testing with either a weak or strong muscle-response to a question. A weak muscle shows that the system has stress or blockages related to the topic. A strong muscle shows the opposite indicating that the body-system is in harmony with that topic. Our muscles are associated to all our organs - our skeleton, to the nervous system and to our energy system as well.

Muscle testing shows us even more it allows me to identify the point where the stress or blockages are in your body and it shows me also to what level it helps me to find the source of your disbalance and which method should be used to release the pain, blockages and/or stress to get the balance back into your body system, the harmony back into your life.

One of those methods I use is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with their 14 meridians and several acupuncture points that run along the body and penetrate into your body-system. These points are physical, emotional and mental in resonance with your body and system.

Other Methods are: Neurovascular & Neurolymphatic points | Tibetan 8 – with their Energy points | The 7 Chi Keys | Chakras Cleaning | Hand, Foot and Ear reflexology | Dr. Bach Flowers Essences  | Affirmations, for Faiths and Thoughts | Sound vibration Forks | Genealogy | Brain Gym is useful to treat learning difficulties and concentration problems in children. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), it changes habits and improves yourself in Communications, Sport, Medical, Education for Business and Health.

Kinesiology is gentle, it’s safe & it’s natural … it’s a wonderful modality. Whether you are struggling with physical pain or emotional distress and fears, Kinesiology is a well-proven discipline to bring you to wellness. We are the first licensed Kinesiology centre here in Dubai.

By coming in and having Kinesiology with me you will learn a lot about yourself. You will help clear stress and blockages in your body in your mind and in your soul and you will be given tools and techniques to go home with so that you can help bring about meaningful change in your life, continuing the healing process by yourself in between sessions. It would be a pleasure and a privilege to share more with you when you visit me at our clinic here in Dubai for a private and confidential consultation.

Kinesiology may be applied as effective support in…

  • All kinds of disbalances in Body, Mind and Soul
  • All kinds of diseases – We improve your health situation in any cases
  • All kinds of anxieties
  • Changing habits, behaviours or learn new ones
  • Menstrual problems
  • Skin, Hair and Nail problems
  • Improving your motor skills, Restriction of mobility
  • Whiplash injury
  • Restriction of mobility
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Dyslexia and Speech disorders
  • Didactic, learning difficulties and concentration problems
  • Nerve inflammations
  • Meningitis
  • Brain concussion
  • Stroke, Brain Gym
  • Glands & Hormones issues
  • Pre-Burnout & After- Burnout
  • Biological Rhythm, Jetlag
  • Prevention Measures
  • Allergies

Treatment Costs:

A Kinesiology session lasts between 60-75 min. and costs AED 600.- / USD 160.- / CHF 150.- / EUR 145.- / GBP 120.-
My invoices can be reimbursed by the health insurance companies in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and in Switzerland.