Feedbacks from my patients

“You saved my life - I can"t thank you often and much enough for that.” (Mike, Professional Sportsman, Dubai)

“I am so happy and grateful that you stood by me after the loss of my parents and brought courage and light back into my life. God bless you!” (Amira, Artist, Dubai)

“Best therapy every - Grateful and full of love I think back to you and your wonderful work and being. Today I live my life more satisfied, peaceful, joyfully and I’m able to listen to my heart and follow my needs and desires. Love is around me!”  (Selma in fashion design, Dubai)

“From having anorexia to becoming a life-& health-coach! Thank you Danijela for your amazing approach, support and the believe in me! When everyone else gave up on me, you and your therapy were the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I am part of the light! Thank you!!! (Jessica, Life & Health Coach, Dubai)

“Ich wäre heute nicht an dem wundervollen und erfüllten Platz im Leben ohne dein geteiltes Wissen und ohne deine beharrliche Unterstützung!  Dankbar blicke ich an unsere Therapiesitzungen zurück und lerne heute noch daraus.“ (Daniel, Investment-Banker, Zürich)

„Danke, dass du uns als Ehepaar geholfen hast und uns den Weg zurück zur Liebe gezeigt hast – die auf Eis gelegt wurde. Du hast uns geholfen unsere versteckten Bedürfnisse auszusprechen, zu integrieren und sie gemeinsam zu leben. Danke dir von Herzen!“ (S. & G, Schweiz)

„Unbelievable your Balance-Treatment. My sleep-quality improved, my metabolism improved, and my mood improved! Magic Hands! (Mohammad, Entrepreneur, Dubai)

“You showed me how to deal with fear, how to face it and how to make it go away. My quality of life has improved massively!” Thank you for being there for me. (Haniya, housewife, Riyadh)

“I come to you with big self-esteem and self-appreciates deficiency and you taught me how to discover this in myself and integrate it into my being. I am eternally grateful. God bless you!” (Olga, Public Relations, Dubai)

“I had massive communication problem. I was so shy that I couldn´t even speak up for myself in front of my own family in the family council, let alone at work where I was required to give presentations in front of an audience. Today I am a facilitator and I love my job! Thx Dani!” (Haya, Dubai)

I had a mild hyperthyroidism that wanted to be treated immediately with medication by my endocrinologist. But I wanted to try a holistic approach first. After 3 kinesiology sessions my thyroid was back to normal...and had been for over 6 months. Yeeahhee” (Julia, Restaurant-Manager, Dubai)

“I have been seeing Danijela regularly for 3 years. I treat myself to a chakra balance once a month and I can say that it is a short holiday for me every time. I feel full of energy, joy and power. I can only recommend it to everyone!” (Ahmad, Pensioner, Dubai)

“Remarkable energy and life changing experience; Dani is an eye opener who touched my mind, body and soul” (Nicole, Head of Finance, Las Vegas)

I’ve seeing Danijela for almost a year now, she helped me get to know myself better and guided me to overcome fears and manage conflicts with myself and others.  The process with her more of a journey of learning: learning to connect with myself on a very deep level. I am so grateful to having crossed paths with her. (Sarah, Country Manager, Jeddha)