Danijela Andric Casson
Kinesiologist & Psychotherapist & Nutritionist

Mobile: +971 527 333 519
My name is Danijela Andric Casson and I’m delighted you are interested in BMS-Centre Switzerland. We are offering several kinds of treatments for your wellbeing and health but my favourite one is the world of Kinesiology.

Throughout my life I have been fascinated with this type of treatment in the field of alternative medicine, especially the revelation that everything is connected. This fascination never left me and one day I decided to study this unique technique and I successfully graduated with a master’s degree in AP-Kinesiology, Psychology and TCM from the Heilpraktikerschule in Lucerne, Switzerland. An additional degree as a Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner was successfully awarded by the Academy of Naturopathy in Lucerne.

It makes me blissful and satisfied to see all the joyful and peaceful faces after each treatment and to be able to observe their healing process in everybody’s time frame. I’m helping and treating people across Europe and the Middle East only on request. A healthy outside starts always from the inside. Therefore, we need to pay careful attention with what kind of things we are feeding our body, mind and soul in our daily life. I am always feeling fortunate to share my broad knowledge with my clients, family members and friends because it is my true calling in life.  
Wanting to help is a virtue, actually helping is a blessing. © Helmut Glaßl 
(*1950), Aphorist from Thuringia.